Monday Blues? Bandplanet editor’s picks to the rescue!

At Bandplanet we like variety. Especially on Mondays because its the beginning of the week and you never know what’s around the corner. So here is a sample of our favorites for the upcoming week.

1. Latin Rock Playlist

The Talento Crudo Playlist

Just back from Chile and let us tell you…rock is alive and well in Latin America! Most of the bands taking part in this year’s Talento Crudo competition were loud! Here are but a few of what we have picked out from the festival: Talento Crudo Playlist

A special congratulations to Aytano who were the winners this year!. If you are a Spanish speaker then why not follow Talento Crudo too on Bandplanet!

2. Hip Hop Track

Rebel & the Peacemaker

Pretty happy to have this Maryland duo on Bandplanet.

Here is how they greet you: “The Maryland to Florida Connect still in effect. We dropped the classic CD, Return Uv Tha Essence in 2006. In 2011, we are dropping Return Uv Tha Essence, Pt. 2. Straight heater on it..just like the last one

Our favorite track is Bonfire. Bring on hip-hop and give these guys a listen, they deserve it! Give the the image a click:

3. House Playlist

Everybody likes house music, its a spiritual thing…

Do you remember when house music was a spiritual thing? We certainly do! The good news is that house music is still spiritual – perhaps in a more jumping around Saturday night spiritual way judging by some of the house tracks we got on Bandplanet but its still pumping!

Just click on the image for a listen:

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