Reggae Rocks on Bandplanet!

Winter is quickly approaching on the Northern hemisphere and we want to jump on board a flight that brings us to a tropical island with coconuts and palm trees. But the best we can do this morning is share some reggae music with you and hope that it lightens your mood!

First up is Desmond, a classically trained Inspirational Reggae/Soul Singer/Songwriter, his music combines jazz, gospel and rhythm & blues influences and focuses on lyrical storytelling and simple melodies with the emphasis being put on inspiring my audience. He started out at the age of eight as a gospel music boy wonder and got used to accolades such as 10 minute ovations, the fully grown version won’t let you down either.

Just click on the below image to listen to his music:

Next up is Cryout and boy, does he cry out! His songs touch on topics such as homelessness, inequality and embodies the essence of rebel music. He has supported Steel Pulse and Inner Circle, should we say more? Oh he has is own record label called Unemployment Records where you can see more of his work.

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