Diversity is the spice of life

Did you know that artists and bands from over 35 different countries are on Bandplanet?

That’s a veritable United Nations of music.

And because at Bandplanet fans are just as important as music makers, Bandplanet is also proud to have thousands of fans, music consumers and music professionals on board hailing from over 75 different countries. People from Chile, Colombia and Switzerland love Bandplanet the most at the moment, but we also have personal profiles from such far-flung places as New Zealand, Azerbaijan, Botswana, Guyana, Uganda and Samoa. Impressive, huh? Go Bandplanet!

So what about the music?

Well, thousands of songs have been uploaded to Bandplanet since our inception, encompassing a dizzying array of styles and sounds. Bandplanet has everything from South African Christian singers (Jo Mullins) to Albanian heavy metal rockers (and ex-‘X-Factor Albania’ entrant, Edmond Themeli), to traditional Irish folk singers (Eoin Duignan), Croatian electronica (Sanja Ivisik), and American hip-hop (K-wone). It doesn’t get much more diverse than that, and that’s really something to write home about. Well done, Bandplaneters.

Music on Bandplanet covers a wide range of genres, from traditional rock and pop, to various types of metal, to reggae, hip hop, mash-up, world music and lots more in between. At the moment, rock and metal are our most popular genres (thanks to the mighty South American rock/metal tradition), but electronic and Latin music are following close behind.

Bands and artists on Bandplanet are also a pretty ingenious bunch, with a wide range of clever and diverse names, including the amusingly named Fartlecats from Germany, the historically referential Agamemnon, also from Germany, the playful Hide’n’Seek from Switzerland, and the perhaps slightly criminally minded Framed At The Crime Scene from the UK (perhaps they’ve been delving into this book for inspiration?).

What does all this tell us? That Bandplanet is the place to discover and experience a mind-bogglingly diverse array of music from artists and musicians all over the world. But don’t just take our word for it: listen for yourself. Here, for your listening pleasure, is the Bandplanet Diversity playlist, featuring the above-mentioned artists and more:


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