New Features: Search, Messaging, Network, Dashboard

Stop the press – Bandplanet just got even better (if we do say so ourselves)! In our never-ending quest for perfection we’ve given our website a swanky new facelift on the outside, and a pretty major overhaul on the inside. Here’s a quick guide to the best and brightest of the new Bandplanet features:

Improved Search functions

Want to find all the best punk music from Germany on Bandplanet, or the most popular South American metal, some Nigerian grunge, or all the music coming out of Croatia? Well, thanks to our new geographical search function, now you can!

From the Find Music page you will now see a map of the world. The dark green areas indicate countries that are proudly represented on Bandplanet. Yep, as you can see, we are rapidly approaching world domination.

Select the area of the world that you would like to explore (indicated by a light green area), add search filters from the list of tags on the left if you want to narrow down your search, for example, punk/metal/blues/indie/hip-hop, and voila! Instant gratification.

For bands and musicians – never underestimate the importance of tagging your tracks, albums and playlists correctly. Remember, tagging helps people to find your music. If your particular tag or genre isn’t available from the tag lists, just add your own unique tag. Bandplanet embraces all types of mash-ups, crossovers and genre busters.

All the new music on Bandplanet has given us lots of new tags and genres, so why not check out some countries or genres that you’ve never investigated before? Electronic post grunge, guggenmusik or skate punk? We’ve got it all. Live life on the edge and search deeper – you never know what you might find.

New look Home screen

Your home screen on Bandplanet is bursting with new features. This is now your Dashboard, where you can manage all of your Bandplanet activity. Your Personal Profile and all of your Group Profiles can now be found listed on the left side of the screen for easy access, so switching between Profiles is simple and straightforward.

News, My Network and My Message tabs are now situated at the very top of your Dashboard. The News tab feeds you up-to-date comments and activity related to your Network. The My Network tab is your window into the bright new world of the Bandplanet Bonus Program (we’ll talk about the nitty gritty of that later). From here you can oversee your Network of referrals and invitations, check your stats and earnings, and send out more invitations. My Messages allows you to manage your direct messages (more on that later). And finally, Dashboard teasers show you the latest Bandplanet info, music recommendations and other useful tips and tricks.

Messaging and Commenting

We are all social media animals these days, and communication is more important to us than ever. Bandplanet knows that as soon as you come across some brilliant new music or a person with EXACTLY the same interests as yours, you’ll want to get in touch with them to let them know how life-changingly wonderful they are. So we’ve added a major new messaging feature and boosted our commenting capabilities, just so you can get social, stay social and grow your Network.

At the top right of any Personal or Group Profile you will see three small buttons – Follow, Message, and Bookmark/Share. The Follow and Share buttons aren’t new, but the Message button is. Use the Message button to send a direct message to any Bandplanet member – you don’t need to be following them and they don’t need to be following you to send you a message. You’ll find this function particularly useful for keeping your Network connected and getting in touch with all the new friends, fans and acquaintances you’ll be making on Bandplanet. For musicians in particular, this is a great direct-to-fans opportunity that allows you to communicate directly with the people who love your music the most.

Read about more new features, including the Bandplanet Bonus Program, here.

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