Unirock Alternativo Festival 2012

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Did you feel the earth move a couple of weeks ago, perhaps on the 29 or 30th March? Well, we certainly did, and we know exactly where the epicenter was – Cali, Colombia. Not the result of tectonic plates scraping together, but the sound of 22 mighty rock bands colliding in an epic battle of guitar, metal and all-out fierceness at Unirock Alternativo Festival 2012.

Bandplanet alumni such as Chocloneta, MIUC, Rascacielo, Old Vintage, Kolectivo K, and Chamán rocked out at the 4th edition of the two-day festival, drawing a crowd of over 10 000 rock fans. We are reliably informed that it was two days of some of the best rock music to be found on this side of the moon. Hell yeah!

A large part of the Bandplanet family hails from South America, so Bandplanet was proud to be a major sponsor of this year’s Unirock Alternativo. What can we say, we love seeing our name in lights (or at least, stage banners – see photos above). But more importantly, we love to support independent artists and help them on their way to rock superstardom. That’s where our involvement with Unirock goes further – in October 2011 Bandplanet travelled to Santiago, Chile, to sponsor Talento Crudo, Chile’s biggest talent spotting competition. Courtesy of Bandplanet, Talento Crudo winners Chocloneta won a much-coveted spot on the Unirock Alternativo 2012 bill. Check out all of Chocloneta’s pics from the festival here.

The Unirock Alternativo Festival is one of the most important festivals in the Valle de Cauca region in Colombia. Held annually at the Universidad del Valle, what began as an initiative of the music/art collective Ra La Culebra and director Javiar Devia to promote and highlight local independent bands has become a hugely successful showcase for both international and national alternative artists. All genres of rock music are represented amidst an ethos of tolerance, equality and culture. Festivals such as Unirock Alternativo are crucial to the survival of independent music, and we think that is well worth supporting, don’t you?

Thanks to all the Bandplanet bands to who rocked the stage at Unirock Alternativo 2012. Bring on Unirock Alternativo Festival 2013! We can’t wait.

See more great pics from Unirock Alternativo here: Chocloneta/Rascacielo/Emisora Radio Fantasma Alternativa/Chamán/GaTo Traficante.

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