‘Músicos de Huechuraba’ Project, Santiago de Chile

We love to promote and support emerging artists, so we are pleased as punch to be sponsoring ’Músicos de Huechuraba’, a series of events organised by Huechuraba musicians in Santiago de Chile. Running each Saturday from now until November, the project presents bands and musicians from a different genre each week, providing a great platform for new and upcoming artists to showcase their talents. Upcoming weeks focus on jazz/funk, hip-hop, Pachanga/Cumbia, and solo/pop. Sounds good to us!

‘Músicos de Huechuraba’ has a mission – to search for emerging bands to represent the district of Huechuraba in Santiago de Chile for further national and international events, as well as to promote art and culture. Well, we all know that Chile is a veritable hotbed of talent, so we’re expecting to see some fantastic new artists at the events. Each event is filmed professionally, so that aspiring bands/artists have a high-quality recording to add to their music portfolios. The organizers also hope to stage an annual show to showcase the best bands from the previous performances.

‘Músicos de Huechuraba’ events are held each Saturday at Centro Cultural de Huechuraba, Avenida Recoleta 6178, Huechuraba, Chile, until 09.11.12.

For more information, contact Músicos de Huechuraba.


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