Bandplanet Awards 2012

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We couldn’t wave goodbye to 2012 without acknowledging the huge reservoir of talent that we have on Bandplanet. So welcome to the inaugural edition of the Bandplanet Awards, dedicated to highlighting the best and brightest of the Bandplanet community. It was a tough call to choose just a few of the many, many brilliant Bandplanet artists and musicians, but after much blood, sweat and tears we’ve finally come up with a list we feel proud of. See the complete list of winners after the jump: Continue reading


T-shirt competition – Best Of playlist

Remember our amazingly generous T-shirt competition, the one where you told us the name of your favorite track on Bandplanet, and we sent you a free T-shirt? Well, we’ve received loads of great entries, and we’ve collated the most popular tracks into one mighty, 100% Bandplanet playlist. 

What made the list? Well, Bandplaneters chose some fierce Chilean rock from Chocloneta, acoustic rock from Switzerland’s Baum, grunge rock from Agents, experimental vocals from La Monine, Chilean rap-hop from Patricio Pizarro, a neo-classical piece from Swiss composer Immanuel Witschi, Colombian folk from La Perla de Once, some heavy folk rock from Pancho Miranda Banda, booty-shaking soul-jazz-funksters The FunKey, plus more. Phew, what a globetrotting, genre-crossing experience! Bandplaneters have great taste, we know that for sure now.

Hear all the tracks here:

Haven’t entered the T-shirt comp yet? No worries, it ain’t finished yet! Get your entries in quick, though, our T-shirt reserves won’t last forever – we absolve ourselves from all responsibility if you ask for an XL Men’s T-shirt but receive a XS diamante-studded Women’s T-shirt…although we’d personally love to see the pics of that :)

You must be a registered Bandplanet member to be eligible for the T-shirt competition – that’s only fair :) And, no cheeky business, Bandplaneters – please don’t enter the name of your own track. Someone else loves your music just as much as you, and will let us know how awesome it is.  Finally, everything in moderation – one T-shirt per user, please.

Competition closes 15 June 2012. 

Band of the Month: Baum

Baum – Christoph Baumgartner and Marc Hemantha Hufschmid

‘Yes, it’s Baum, just Baum’. So says the Bandplanet profile of Swiss acoustic rockers Baum (Christoph Baumgartner and Marc Hemantha Hufschmid). But anyone who has ever listened to Baum’s intensely personal, passionate music knows that it is anything but ‘just’ Baum. Baum are true craftsmen, combining wonderfully rich, textured melodies and lyrics with acoustic guitar wizardry. After releasing a number of albums with award-winning alt-rock band Outland, Baumgartner took the solo singer-songwriter route in 2011 with the release of his debut album ‘Music For My Landlord’. Now joined by Hufschmid on drums, the duo recently spent a month in New York recording material for their latest, as yet untitled album, to be released in October 2012.

Bandplanet recently spoke to Baum and got the lowdown on recording in NYC, being ‘Bum from Sweden’, and the musical possibilities of the alp horn. Continue reading