Band of the Month – Biggles

Swiss singer/songwriter Biggles is something of a veteran on the indie music scene in Switzerland. He released his first album in 2004, quickly followed by another three albums that firmly established him as one of Zurich’s finest purveyors of melancholy, other-worldly pop. His fifth album, the dreamy, acoustic Cloudspeaker, draws inspiration from his continued fascination with ‘Life On Mars’- era David Bowie, and the dream and mystery of outer space, in his typically imaginative, thoughtful way.

Fresh off the release of Cloudspeaker, Biggles recently took a few minutes out from his promotional duties to talk with Bandplanet about his formative musical influences, what gets him out of bed in the morning, and the buzz of hearing your own songs on the radio. Continue reading


Meet the Team: Hansjoerg Hug

He’s the life and soul of the party, and the beating heart of Bandplanet HQ. When he’s not making plans for world domination, you can find him listening to the latest and greatest grunge music on Bandplanet, or playing in his band, the Bänggner Sumpfhüener. Meet our fearless leader, Bandplanet CEO Hansjörg Hug:

Name: Hansjörg Hug

Age: One year older this year

I was born in: Zurich

I currently reside in: Beautiful Benken, St. Gallen

What I do at Bandplanet: Everything and nothing

Favorite track on Bandplanet: ‘Free’ by Agents 

Favorite food: Sushi

Favorite birthday cake: Roast beef

Happiest when: Spending my time with my family, enjoying concerts with friends

In a previous life I was: What previous life?

Most embarrassing teenage musical obsession: Roxette

Dream gig or festival line-up: Queen | Foo Fighters | Nirvana | Muse | BOY | Massive Attack |Green Day | Millencollin | Faithless | Queen of the Stone Age | Pearl Jam | Danka Jones | Die Toten Hosen | Metallica | Soundgarden | Cake | REM | Herbert Grönemayer | Pink Floyd | INXS | Guns N’ Roses | Michael Jackson | Johnny Cash | The Beatles

Favorite way to chill out: Playing stupid games on my iPad :)

Song to be played at your funeral: ‘I Want It All’, ‘The Show Must Go On’, ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ by Queen.

Currently listening to: Cloudspeaker by Biggles.

HJ on BandplanetYou can also read more from HJ here.

Planet Pop

Let’s all take a moment to appreciate the true significance of the Pop genre. Where would music be today without the perfect melodies, hooks and middle-eights of The Beatles, Abba, Madonna, Lady Gaga, and The Pet Shop Boys? No doubt a much sadder, sorrier (and probably more Metal) place.

Cynics say that the perfect pop song can be easily thrown together after following a simple strategy, but as any pop fan knows, pop music is so much more than just light-hearted fluff. Pop music is your friend, the music to get you through the sunny and uplifting times of life (falling in love, the sun shining, winning the lottery etc.), as well as the melancholy depths of despair (relationship break-ups, no coffee left in the kitchen, existential crisis etc.). Yep, seminal 90s Kiwi band The Chills were right on the money when they sang about the blissful effects of the perfect pop song in their hit track ‘Heavenly Pop Hit’.

Just browsing through the Bandplanet Pop genre listings is an affirmation of the supremacy of Pop. Bandplanet is full to bursting with great pop songs, from the likes of Switzerland’s Biggles, Germany’s Everyday History, Finland’s Siberian Jay and Brazil’s Roberta Amaral. Here’s a globe-trotting sampler of Bandplanet’s finest pop offerings, featuring all of the above, plus more: