Talento Crudo 2012

Bandplanet loves to support emerging independent talent! That’s why Bandplanet was a key sponsor for the 2011 edition of Talento Crudo, Chile’s biggest talent-spotting competition. And wow, did the rock community of Santiago, Chile show us a fantastic time. Our ears are still ringing! We took the winners of Talento Crudo 2011, fierce Chilean rockers Chocloneta, to Unirock Alternativo in Cali, Colombia earlier this year, where they rocked the stage and won the hearts and minds of the Unirock audience.

Well, we had so much fun that we are doing it all over again in 2012. Talento Crudo 2012 is going to be huge – if you are an upcoming independent band, you don’t want to miss this one!

Talento Crudo will be held in October 2012, dates to be confirmed.


T-shirt competition – Best Of playlist

Remember our amazingly generous T-shirt competition, the one where you told us the name of your favorite track on Bandplanet, and we sent you a free T-shirt? Well, we’ve received loads of great entries, and we’ve collated the most popular tracks into one mighty, 100% Bandplanet playlist. 

What made the list? Well, Bandplaneters chose some fierce Chilean rock from Chocloneta, acoustic rock from Switzerland’s Baum, grunge rock from Agents, experimental vocals from La Monine, Chilean rap-hop from Patricio Pizarro, a neo-classical piece from Swiss composer Immanuel Witschi, Colombian folk from La Perla de Once, some heavy folk rock from Pancho Miranda Banda, booty-shaking soul-jazz-funksters The FunKey, plus more. Phew, what a globetrotting, genre-crossing experience! Bandplaneters have great taste, we know that for sure now.

Hear all the tracks here:

Haven’t entered the T-shirt comp yet? No worries, it ain’t finished yet! Get your entries in quick, though, our T-shirt reserves won’t last forever – we absolve ourselves from all responsibility if you ask for an XL Men’s T-shirt but receive a XS diamante-studded Women’s T-shirt…although we’d personally love to see the pics of that :)

You must be a registered Bandplanet member to be eligible for the T-shirt competition – that’s only fair :) And, no cheeky business, Bandplaneters – please don’t enter the name of your own track. Someone else loves your music just as much as you, and will let us know how awesome it is.  Finally, everything in moderation – one T-shirt per user, please.

Competition closes 15 June 2012. 

Unirock Alternativo Festival 2012

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Did you feel the earth move a couple of weeks ago, perhaps on the 29 or 30th March? Well, we certainly did, and we know exactly where the epicenter was – Cali, Colombia. Not the result of tectonic plates scraping together, but the sound of 22 mighty rock bands colliding in an epic battle of guitar, metal and all-out fierceness at Unirock Alternativo Festival 2012.

Bandplanet alumni such as Chocloneta, MIUC, Rascacielo, Old Vintage, Kolectivo K, and Chamán rocked out at the 4th edition of the two-day festival, drawing a crowd of over 10 000 rock fans. We are reliably informed that it was two days of some of the best rock music to be found on this side of the moon. Hell yeah! Continue reading

Band of the Month: Chocloneta

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In October 2011 Bandplanet sponsored Chile’s biggest talent-spotting competition, Talento Crudo, in Santiago, Chile. From hundreds of talented bands and musicians, Chilean rock/metal band Chocloneta took out the top prize – a much sought-after spot playing at the huge Unirock Alternativo festival in Cali, Colombia. As part of the Talento Crudo prize, Bandplanet is also sponsoring Chocloneta’s flights to Colombia for the festival.

Formed in 2005 by a group of childhood friends, Chocloneta mix classical rock with metal, Latin American and indigenous Chilean rhythms. With the Talento Crudo competition under their belts, the band now has their sights firmly set on bigger things, and is getting ready to bring its powerful, high-octane music to a wider audience in Colombia. Bandplanet spoke to Chocloneta recently to get the lowdown on the band’s unusual name, their rigorous training regime, and their most memorable moments from Talento Crudo, as well as how Bandplanet is helping them get to Colombia. Continue reading

Rock is alive and kickin’ in Santiago – Talento Crudo VIDEO

We travelled to Santiago Chile in 2011 to sponsor ‘Talento Crudo’, Chile’s biggest talent spotting contest. Thanks to Canal 13 we now have a wonderful documentary which we have subtitled in English, to give you a feel for what it was like to mix with our wonderful hosts: The rock community of Santiago!

The winning band Chocoloneta, won flights to Colombia and the chance to participate in a bigger contest called ‘Unirock Alternativo’. We also conducted a lucky draw for an iPad, open to all new Bandplanet Members from Chile who attended Talento Crudo!

Thank you Chile for an amazing experience!