Band of the Month: illeist collective

Miro, Silas, and René of illeist collective.

Swiss/Swedish group illeist collective (Silas Bieri, Miro Rutscho, and René Flückiger) has defied genre expectations since their first album Electrees, an inventive mix of jazz, electronica, chill-out and drum’n’bass, was released in 2010. Now with their current album, Monkey Dope, they have unleashed a dark and gritty piece of atmospheric electro trip-rock, complete with an inspired visual concept that elevates the album into the realm of genuine art. Musical purists at heart, Monkey Dope is chock full of lovingly produced, vintage analogue sounds, which is a perfect reflection of the trio’s attitude and ethos toward their music and the band itself.

We recently sat down with Miro and René over beers, bratwurst and iced tea to talk about Kuschelrock, free downloads, their secret pop sympathies, and digital vs. analogue recording.

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New Bandplanet Features: Bonus Program

Bandplanet has recently introduced a whole shed-load of new features. Read about the first set of features (Search, Messaging, and Dashboard) here.

The Bandplanet Bonus Program is where the fun really starts. It is designed to financially reward Bandplanet Premium Members for their efforts to attract potential new users. It’s your chance to earn actual real money from your mad networking skills. Pretty cool, hey?

To participate in the Bandplanet Bonus Program you need to be a Premium Club Member. For Premium Club Membership you pay a small monthly fee. Every new user that you invite to Bandplanet using your personal Invitation Code or Link is connected to you in your own Bandplanet Commission Matrix for the duration of your Bandplanet membership. When any of the users that you have invited to Bandplanet becomes a Premium Club Member, you automatically receive a commission on a monthly basis from their Membership fee.

Every new user on Bandplanet gets a free 30-day trial to check out what Premium Club Membership is all about. From the My Network tab on your Dashboard, take a look at your referral tree – if it’s empty, get inviting! Fill your tree with referrals and invitations (and therefore commissions) and you’ll soon be looking like the proverbial cat that got the cream.

As an extra incentive, top Bandplanet Networkers can qualify for a pretty fantastic array of cash bonuses and prizes. So what are you waiting for? Get networking and make that Invitation Code earn its keep!

Sound complicated? It’s not, really – check out the Bandplanet Bonus Program support document for more information (and lots of pretty pictures and graphs).

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