Planet Pop

Let’s all take a moment to appreciate the true significance of the Pop genre. Where would music be today without the perfect melodies, hooks and middle-eights of The Beatles, Abba, Madonna, Lady Gaga, and The Pet Shop Boys? No doubt a much sadder, sorrier (and probably more Metal) place.

Cynics say that the perfect pop song can be easily thrown together after following a simple strategy, but as any pop fan knows, pop music is so much more than just light-hearted fluff. Pop music is your friend, the music to get you through the sunny and uplifting times of life (falling in love, the sun shining, winning the lottery etc.), as well as the melancholy depths of despair (relationship break-ups, no coffee left in the kitchen, existential crisis etc.). Yep, seminal 90s Kiwi band The Chills were right on the money when they sang about the blissful effects of the perfect pop song in their hit track ‘Heavenly Pop Hit’.

Just browsing through the Bandplanet Pop genre listings is an affirmation of the supremacy of Pop. Bandplanet is full to bursting with great pop songs, from the likes of Switzerland’s Biggles, Germany’s Everyday History, Finland’s Siberian Jay and Brazil’s Roberta Amaral. Here’s a globe-trotting sampler of Bandplanet’s finest pop offerings, featuring all of the above, plus more:


The future of music

Good news – contrary to popular belief, the music industry is in a state of rude health (or at least is out of intensive care).

The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) has just released their annual Digital Music Report for 2012, and the figures are surprisingly positive.

In 2011, digital music revenues to record companies increased by 8% globally, to an estimated US$5.2 billion, up from 5% in 2010. Worldwide, an estimated 3.6 billion downloads were purchased, an increase of 17%. Digital formats have become the dominant revenue stream in the US market, and it’s likely that music markets in the rest of the world will follow suit. Overall, consumer demand for digital music services is growing, and more people than ever before are engaging with and enjoying music.

Digital music has now split into two main consumption models that determine how people access and consume music – essentially, ownership (downloading music) and access (streaming or subscription services). This is great for consumers, who can now choose the method that best suits their needs.

But what percentage of the money being made actually lands in the pockets of the people who created the music? The money that artists receive from streaming services is negligible at best (Lady Gaga supposedly earned the princely sum of just $167, or around 113 Euros, for over a million plays of her hit track ‘Pokerface’ on Spotify). For artists, digital download services pay better revenues than streaming services, but record companies and labels still take a cut of their profits.

How can independent musicians get a foothold in the industry, make money and gain the recognition they deserve? It’s simple – by going the Bandplanet way!

Bandplanet was created as a platform for listening, sharing and buying music in a fair way – a fair trade music marketplace where independent artists receive 100% of the money generated from their music, without having to pay intermediaries. That’s unprecedented, and we’d like to think it’s the way of the future.

After all, it’s only fair that great independent artists get the reward they deserve – all of it.

Source: IFPI Digital Music Report 2012

Diversity is the spice of life

Did you know that artists and bands from over 35 different countries are on Bandplanet?

That’s a veritable United Nations of music.

And because at Bandplanet fans are just as important as music makers, Bandplanet is also proud to have thousands of fans, music consumers and music professionals on board hailing from over 75 different countries. People from Chile, Colombia and Switzerland love Bandplanet the most at the moment, but we also have personal profiles from such far-flung places as New Zealand, Azerbaijan, Botswana, Guyana, Uganda and Samoa. Impressive, huh? Go Bandplanet!

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Interview – Bandplanet CEO Hansjörg Hug

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Bandplanet doesn’t just run on terrific music from all over the world – behind the scenes at Bandplanet HQ a small but dedicated team are beavering away to make the whole Bandplanet experience happen for you. Bandplanet CEO Hansjörg Hug sat down to answer a few questions about Bandplanet, his passion for music, and even divulged his most embarrassing teenage musical obsession… Continue reading