Bandplanet Radio

Recently we asked the bands and musicians in the Bandplanet community what extra features they’d like to see on Bandplanet, and one of the responses we received was the opportunity to get music out onto the airwaves and into people’s ears. Well, here at Bandplanet we aim to please – your wish is our command! Just look what we’ve cooked up for you now – Bandplanet Radio.

Bandplanet Radio is a weekly radio program based in Chile. Starting from the 8th August, every Wednesday evening from 20–21:00 hosts Pancho Miranda and Jorge Carranza train the spotlight on the best and brightest of Bandplanet Chilean bands in the South American region.

Sounds good, hey? Want to get your music on Bandplanet Radio? Of course you do. Chilean Premium Members* can send their mp3s and a brief bio to Pancho and Jorge here. We can’t wait to hear what great music Pancho and Jorge spin for us. Catch you on Bandplanet Radio soon. And don’t worry, we’ll be rolling out Bandplanet Radio to other parts of the world very soon!

UPDATE: Hear the very first edition of Bandplanet Radio here!

Bandplanet Radio broadcasts each Wednesday evening from 20 – 21:00, on Radio USACH, 94.5 FM/124 AM.

Bandplanet Radio on Twitter/Facebook/email.

* Please note that only Bandplanet bands living in Chile are eligible for consideration. Music selection is at the sole discretion of the Bandplanet Radio hosts, Pancho Miranda and Jorge Carranza.


Band of the Month: Pancho Miranda Banda

Chilean band Pancho Miranda Banda brings together elements of folk, rock and Chilean and Latin American rhythms into a spirited and dynamic mix. The group of classically trained musicians are consistently one of Bandplanet’s most popular South American bands, and singer Francisco Miranda is one of our most successful Premium Club members. We spoke to them recently about the advantages and disadvantages of being an indie band these days, what’s great about the Bandplanet Premium Club, and why they chose folk and rock over classical music.

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