Band of the Month: Chocloneta

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In October 2011 Bandplanet sponsored Chile’s biggest talent-spotting competition, Talento Crudo, in Santiago, Chile. From hundreds of talented bands and musicians, Chilean rock/metal band Chocloneta took out the top prize – a much sought-after spot playing at the huge Unirock Alternativo festival in Cali, Colombia. As part of the Talento Crudo prize, Bandplanet is also sponsoring Chocloneta’s flights to Colombia for the festival.

Formed in 2005 by a group of childhood friends, Chocloneta mix classical rock with metal, Latin American and indigenous Chilean rhythms. With the Talento Crudo competition under their belts, the band now has their sights firmly set on bigger things, and is getting ready to bring its powerful, high-octane music to a wider audience in Colombia. Bandplanet spoke to Chocloneta recently to get the lowdown on the band’s unusual name, their rigorous training regime, and their most memorable moments from Talento Crudo, as well as how Bandplanet is helping them get to Colombia. Continue reading