Meet the Team: Hansjoerg Hug

He’s the life and soul of the party, and the beating heart of Bandplanet HQ. When he’s not making plans for world domination, you can find him listening to the latest and greatest grunge music on Bandplanet, or playing in his band, the Bänggner Sumpfhüener. Meet our fearless leader, Bandplanet CEO Hansjörg Hug:

Name: Hansjörg Hug

Age: One year older this year

I was born in: Zurich

I currently reside in: Beautiful Benken, St. Gallen

What I do at Bandplanet: Everything and nothing

Favorite track on Bandplanet: ‘Free’ by Agents 

Favorite food: Sushi

Favorite birthday cake: Roast beef

Happiest when: Spending my time with my family, enjoying concerts with friends

In a previous life I was: What previous life?

Most embarrassing teenage musical obsession: Roxette

Dream gig or festival line-up: Queen | Foo Fighters | Nirvana | Muse | BOY | Massive Attack |Green Day | Millencollin | Faithless | Queen of the Stone Age | Pearl Jam | Danka Jones | Die Toten Hosen | Metallica | Soundgarden | Cake | REM | Herbert Grönemayer | Pink Floyd | INXS | Guns N’ Roses | Michael Jackson | Johnny Cash | The Beatles

Favorite way to chill out: Playing stupid games on my iPad :)

Song to be played at your funeral: ‘I Want It All’, ‘The Show Must Go On’, ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ by Queen.

Currently listening to: Cloudspeaker by Biggles.

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Band of the Month: illeist collective

Miro, Silas, and René of illeist collective.

Swiss/Swedish group illeist collective (Silas Bieri, Miro Rutscho, and René Flückiger) has defied genre expectations since their first album Electrees, an inventive mix of jazz, electronica, chill-out and drum’n’bass, was released in 2010. Now with their current album, Monkey Dope, they have unleashed a dark and gritty piece of atmospheric electro trip-rock, complete with an inspired visual concept that elevates the album into the realm of genuine art. Musical purists at heart, Monkey Dope is chock full of lovingly produced, vintage analogue sounds, which is a perfect reflection of the trio’s attitude and ethos toward their music and the band itself.

We recently sat down with Miro and René over beers, bratwurst and iced tea to talk about Kuschelrock, free downloads, their secret pop sympathies, and digital vs. analogue recording.

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Interview – Bandplanet CEO Hansjörg Hug

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Bandplanet doesn’t just run on terrific music from all over the world – behind the scenes at Bandplanet HQ a small but dedicated team are beavering away to make the whole Bandplanet experience happen for you. Bandplanet CEO Hansjörg Hug sat down to answer a few questions about Bandplanet, his passion for music, and even divulged his most embarrassing teenage musical obsession… Continue reading