Bandplanet Highlights of 2012

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2012 – where did you go? Ah, but time flies when you are having fun. And boy, did we have some fun. Time to take a look back at the year that was, and revel in all that we’ve achieved.

Unirock Alternativo 2012, Cali, Colombia

The bellowing roar that echoed over the globe in March 2012 was the mighty Unirock Alternativo rockfest making its presence known to all and sundry. We sent Talento Crudo 2011 winners Chocloneta to Cali, Colombia, in March to rock out with the best of the South American rock and metal scene, and we have it on good authority that it was two days of the best rock music to be found this side of the moon. Bring on Unirock Alternativo 2013!

Talento Crudo, Santiago, Chile, October 2012

We just love supporting up and coming independent artists – it gives us that warm fuzzy feeling inside! Once again we were a key sponsor for Talento Crudo, Chile’s largest rock talent-spotting competition. From a field of over 50 bands, 6-piece prog rock band Aequo won the competition. They’ll be winging their way to Unirock Alternativo 2013 in March of next year courtesy of Bandplanet. Huge congratulations to Aequo, and all of the other bands that participated in Talento Crudo 2012.


We partnered up with Latin America’s biggest rock magazine, Rockaxis, to spread the Bandplanet word even further and wider than we would have ever thought possible. We love Rockaxis, and Rockaxis loves Bandplanet!

Bandplanet Radio

Under the expert guidance of Bandplanet Radio hosts Pancho Miranda and Jorge Carranza, we trained a spotlight on the best and brightest of Bandplanet bands in Chile, and took over the airwaves for a regular Wednesday night special. Listen to all of the podcasts here.

And then of course, there are all the thousands of new users, artists and bands that joined the Bandplanet community in 2012 – thanks for all your wonderful music, as well as your dedication and your support. We couldn’t do it without you!

Well, so long, 2012 – it was nice knowing you. And hello, 2013! Can’t wait to make your acquaintance.

Have a wonderful festive season, everyone. See you in 2013!


Band of the Month: Pancho Miranda Banda

Chilean band Pancho Miranda Banda brings together elements of folk, rock and Chilean and Latin American rhythms into a spirited and dynamic mix. The group of classically trained musicians are consistently one of Bandplanet’s most popular South American bands, and singer Francisco Miranda is one of our most successful Premium Club members. We spoke to them recently about the advantages and disadvantages of being an indie band these days, what’s great about the Bandplanet Premium Club, and why they chose folk and rock over classical music.

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Band of the Month: Chocloneta

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In October 2011 Bandplanet sponsored Chile’s biggest talent-spotting competition, Talento Crudo, in Santiago, Chile. From hundreds of talented bands and musicians, Chilean rock/metal band Chocloneta took out the top prize – a much sought-after spot playing at the huge Unirock Alternativo festival in Cali, Colombia. As part of the Talento Crudo prize, Bandplanet is also sponsoring Chocloneta’s flights to Colombia for the festival.

Formed in 2005 by a group of childhood friends, Chocloneta mix classical rock with metal, Latin American and indigenous Chilean rhythms. With the Talento Crudo competition under their belts, the band now has their sights firmly set on bigger things, and is getting ready to bring its powerful, high-octane music to a wider audience in Colombia. Bandplanet spoke to Chocloneta recently to get the lowdown on the band’s unusual name, their rigorous training regime, and their most memorable moments from Talento Crudo, as well as how Bandplanet is helping them get to Colombia. Continue reading

Rock is alive and kickin’ in Santiago – Talento Crudo VIDEO

We travelled to Santiago Chile in 2011 to sponsor ‘Talento Crudo’, Chile’s biggest talent spotting contest. Thanks to Canal 13 we now have a wonderful documentary which we have subtitled in English, to give you a feel for what it was like to mix with our wonderful hosts: The rock community of Santiago!

The winning band Chocoloneta, won flights to Colombia and the chance to participate in a bigger contest called ‘Unirock Alternativo’. We also conducted a lucky draw for an iPad, open to all new Bandplanet Members from Chile who attended Talento Crudo!

Thank you Chile for an amazing experience!