The perfect Christmas playlist…

Playlists have been around for decades but the medium used to play them has changed. We started off with cassettes and then moved on to CDs, MP3’s and now with the emergence of digital media playlists have become virtual!

We are getting closer to the holiday season which is full of get togethers with family and friends and lots of times those occasions need good music to get everyone in the mood. Playlists are in high demand, no one wants to listen to the same music on loop for an hour, a thoughtful complication that suits the mood of the occasion is much better. Not to mention the joy of giving or receiving a good playlist for the long drive or flight home, or just to create a festive mood around the house.

But what does it take to make a good playlist? Here we have put together some tips on how to create the perfect playlist for any occasion.

1. The Right Music

 Choosing the right music is essential in creating a good playlist. You should first think of the occasion or the theme of the compilation. Is it for sharing with a special friend? Or is it simply a way to catalogue your own personal favorites? Maybe the playlist will be the background music when you have some friends around for dinner or while you are driving long distance. Once you have determined where the music will be listened to and by whom, you can get to work choosing the tracks.

2. The Flow

The flow of the music on your playlist is very important. You don’t want the playlist to be boring yet mixing genres is risky. As a rule of thumb, imagine the mood evoked by each track. Be sensitive to the effect you would like each track on your playlist to have and ensure that you don’t mix happy and upbeat music with dark and heavy. That way you can ensure that if you do mix genres the mood of the playlist will remain consistent. Also, your playlist should begin with a track that lets the listener know what to expect while sparking their curiosity about what is yet to come. We recommend that the opening track is not your top favorite tune, save that for somewhere near the middle or the end to keep the listener’s attention or exit on a high note (not literally).

3. The Playlist Cover Image

An image can speak a thousand words. How you present your playlist will make it all the more special. Make sure you dress up your playlist with a cover that attracts the eye and is consistent with the content of the playlist (ie. placing a picture of Easter eggs on a Christmas playlist probably won’t work)





Create and sell your playlists on Bandplanet

With Bandplanet you can create extra special Christmas playlists because 100% of the sales go to the music artists whose works are featured; so not only do you give the gift of music but support your favorite artists in the process.

Bandplanet has a very special playlist creator and as a member of the Bandplanet Premium Club (many of you are still on a free trial) you can create a playlist and set the price you would like to earn for your compilation, while respecting the minimum price per song that has been already determined by the artist. This means that if you create a playlist and promote it and sell it on Bandplanet both you AND the music artist will earn money! In early 2012 you will learn more about how exactly this works.

Here is an example of a Playlist we have created especially for the holidays season. Hope you are inspired to create your own and share it with us!